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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a deadly shooting at two different shopping centers. we'll start with tracy jacim, at the publix in clermont. >> reporter: this one happened at about 9:00, interesting to note that the publix store here on county road 455 is still open. it stays open actual 10:00. shoppers inside, and a man laying here in the parking lot, shot and killed. i'll step out of the way. look over there, we've got folks from the lake county sheriff's office and the clermont police department, right now gathered over there, having some sort of pow wow about something. when we arrived on scene, they really did not know a whole lot. they said that there was a 9-1-1 call that came in and someone had seen this guy, a black male, laying in the parking lot. there is a witness and that witness saw a white car leaving the scene, but there's no clear understanding of what the involvement of that car was. was the shooter inside? was it just a witness who didn't want to get involved? neither police nor deputies knew as of a half hour ago.
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more information. the story is closed at this late hour but if you were here shopping tonight, you're not going to forget this any time soon. >> bob: we also want to continue following that breaking news out of orange county. two people are shot, one person dead after the shooting that happened at the florida mall. right outside of the j. c. penney's store in the parking lot. kirsten delgado is there with the latest from investigators. >> reporter: we're here live where that shooting took place just hours ago. a fairly new investigation for orange county here as they're on the scene. we know that the orange county sheriff's office is tell us that deputies were called to the j.c. penney in reference to a man who appeared to be dead. this incident involved two black moist, one of which has died. the other male was in surgery. no word on where the person was shot or the extent of his injuries. it just so happens this whole
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the mall, right now investigators do not believe there is a true connection between the shooting and the mall, outside of it just so happened to happen here. the orange county sheriff's office says coincidentally a deputy was already at the mall investigating a separate crime. >> one of the victims obviously was dead there but the other one ran to the entrance of j. c. penney's, must have flagged down a citizen, and that citizen called 9-1-1. but no one heard any shots, including or deputy, who was inside j. c. penney's at the time. no one seemed to see anything. so we're asking anyone that may have been in this area and saw some sort of altercation and didn't think twice about it, that this is critical to us to please call crime line or call the sheriff's office. >> reporter: once again, very early in this investigation. as of right now, investigators don't know if these two people knew one another or if there's a separate shooter they need to be looking for. they'll be investigating throughout the night to find these answers.
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this. once again, trying to find out all these answers, their names, if they knew one another, the weapon that was used, all these things will be of course discovered over the next couple of days. reporting live from orange county, fox 35 news. >> bob: a follow-up tonight, out of brevard county. deputies have arrested 30-year-old norris lee fisher junior after a shooting at a tax prep business, in cocoa on he was arrested today after hospital. deputies say fisher went to the tax refund business on clear lake road to complain friend's income tax refund. authorities say that fisher pulled out a gun and shot at the owner several times. the owner survived. but there's a second man who was hurt when the bullet went through the wall to a business next door. fisher is charged with attempted second degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. we do have a health alert tonight. the zika virus is in central florida. a person who got the mosquito borne illness somewhere else,
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the state is dealing with 14 cases of the virus. osceola county is joining other counties, santa rosa, hillsborough, lee, miami dade, broward and st. john's. keith landry is live in osceola county with the latest. >> reporter: health privacy laws prevent health department officials here in osceola county from really telling us a whole lot about this patient who has the zika virus here. we do know is that the patient did not acquire the virus in the state of florida. scientists are studying mosquitoes to learn more about the zika virus and its possible impact on unborn babies as more cases turn up in florida. osceola county is now the sixth county in our state with the zika virus case. the first one in our area. there are now 14 known patients in florida. >> you are very concerned because you don't know exactly what it is, the disease. >> people in brazil have been worried about the zika virus for the last few months as more
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>> and i have my baby with me and i hope nothing, you know, comes bad but you just don't know. >> the administrator of the department of health in osceola county says none of the 14 patients got the virus here. >> none of them have. it's from people who have been traveling to other places. none of them have been acquired here in florida. >> reporter: state health officials say none. 14 patients are pregnant women. health officials say your best defense against the zika virus is to not get bitten by a mosquito, remove standing water, pants. >> be vigilant about your surroundings and what you can do as an individual to ensure your own safety. >> reporter: doctors say the symptoms often include a fever, a rash, and joint pain. johnson says it is possible we florida. >> the more people travel, travel to other countries and
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potential there could be other cases. >> reporter: and johnson adds if pregnant women here in central florida have concerns about the zika virus, they should contact their doctors. we are live in osceola county, keith landry, fox 35 news. >> bob: florida senator bill nelson wants president obama to appoint a czar, speaking about the request in orlando today. >> and so if we're going to get ahead of it, it seems to me, and that's why i wrote to the white house, suggesting that we have a point person that can coordinate the entire range of federal, state, and local government in trying to get ahead of this virus. >> bob: we'll keep you posted on that. fugitives from virginia on the run in flagler county, officials searching for two men after they ran off following an accident on i-95. investigators believe that one of the two men is james content booth. virginia authorities say he violated his probation when he removed a gps monitoring device
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south down to florida. residents of palm coast are asked to report any suspicious activity. we have sky fox over a scene this afternoon. this is a milk truck that has crashed into a building. this is -- it's in the milk district. nobody got hurt but as you can see, traffic was delayed for a while in both directions. they actually had to bring in a crane to pull the truck's trailer out of that building. in brevard county, a houseboat crash, two people on board when it happened. officers arrived in melbourne and found a 42-foot houseboat crashing into a concrete seawall. this was early this morning. officers and witnesses jumped into action, trying to stabilize the boat. they were also able to rescues the two people inside. the red cross is now providing those folks with some shelter. we're talking about a 81-year-old man and a 76-year-old woman. and a south florida man gets life in prison for murdering his wife, but what may be more
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let's check in with sonni, taking us everywhere at 11:00. >> sonni: this is back in 2013. derek medina killed his wife but then posted a picture of her body on facebook with the words, rest in peace. he told police in a video taped statement that he shot his wife during a fight in which she threatened him with a knife. he shot her eight times. medina was also convicted of child neglect because the victim's daughter was in an upstairs bedroom at the time of the shooting. >> and we have liftoff of the you nighted launch alliance atlas 5 rocket carrying the 12th gps. >> the first of 15 launches for 2016 took flight this afternoon, this morning, with an atlas 5 rocket reaching outer space. the launch nearly didn't happen. high winds had the managers in a bind. but at 8:35 the winds died down just enough. a satellite for the air force. a sixth man to walk on the moon
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85 years old. his daughter said he died last night at a west palm beach hospice of a a short illness: he was one of only 12 people to ever set foot on the moon. >> bob: florida police, quite the shock when they respond to a convenience store. that's an 8-year-old child armed with a gun. we'll tell you what happened when he confronted the clerk. plus why you soon could keep any artifact you want if you find it on state property. why not everybody is so thrilled with this new proposal. >> glenn: forecast here in central florida looks like we've got ourselves some cool weather on the way. much more on the chilly temperatures and your weekend forecast coming up. >> bob: one more thing. this is in canada. in canada, hockey is king. 1 tv station may have thought that the nation's favorite pastime was merging with the nfl. this is a canadian newscast.
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they're covering this weekend's super bowl. that's a glaring mistake. if you look at the left of your screen, instead of using the carolina panthers logo, they used the florida panthers logo. the florida panthers, they're an nhl hockey team in south florida. the graphic making quite the rounds on social media tonight.
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think the broncos have them by, >> bob: developing story, we're following, two small planes have collided and crashed into the ocean off of the los angeles harbor. the tail number and a partial number were found in the water. no word on any survivors or how many people were on board the planes. >> new tonight at 11:00, police in west palm beach, they say that a convenience store was held up at gunpoint by an 8-year-old child. the disturbing surveillance video. >> he's a little kid. >> reporter: this store clerk, who didn't want to go on camera, still shaken up over what he saw wednesday evening. walk in. >> he went to the entry door and very quietly just walked in and demanded money. he was wearing like a motorcycle helmet and he -- he was wearing like a sweater on top of his
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his eyes. >> reporter: what happened next shocked everyone, the boy walking up to the cashier and pointing a gun hud enunder -- hidden underneath his sweater. >> all of a sudden i'm so shocked, i don't know if it's real or fake, but my priority is to take it away from him because i don't know. i just turned his wrist and took it out of his hand. at that point the other coworker of mine grabbed him. >> you can see the eight year-old try to escape the address "of the clerk. investigators tell us the boy stole the gun from his mother. we're told the boy was hospitalized for his own well-being. meanwhile this clerk is still wondering how this child is capable of such adult behavior. >> it's so shocking. you have to be careful about everybody nowadays. you can never be too careful. >> bob: trending around the world tonight, at least five people are dead, dozens more injured after a strong earthquake rocks taiwan. firefighters and soldiers scrambling to the site with ladders and cranes and other equipment.
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dazed survivors from the buildings that were, some of them lying on one side of the road. at least 221 people have been pulled out of the rubble so far. several other buildings also were collapsed or partially damaged. affluenza teen ethan couch, there he is, transferred down to an adult jail. authorities from -- moving him from a juvenile detention facility in fort worth. he's 18 years old now and he's known for his involvement in the deadly drunken driving cash where he only got probation, right? a judge will decide if his controversial case belongs in the adult system. a wisconsin mom and her boyfriend, they're accused of letting her 9-year-old daughter drive them home in their pickup truck after they, well, appeared too drunk to drive. you be the judge in these pictures. a driver called 9-1-1 after they noticed someone driving erratically. by the time police caught up with the car, it had pulled into a boat launch. that's when officers realized a child was the one who was driving and there was an 11-month-old baby strapped into
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new at 11:00, there's a proposed bill in tallahassee that could make any one of us like indiana jones, a bill that archeological digs are located and then it would allow artifact collectors and dealers to keep what they find there. but opponents say the bill would allow people to take items that should not belong to them on state lands. >> it would force the state to give out maps of site locations that people are supposed to stay away from, and we know that the people that practice the isolated policy actually really wanted those locations so they could just go and get the goodies for themselves. >> bob: under the bill, permit holders would allow the florida department of state to inspect their findings. ownership rights would then be
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the permit holder. >> glenn: a little chilly but overall not a bad weekend. right now we do have partly cloudy skies, it has a little cool for this time of the year but really no complaints. humidity nice and low. some visibility have been quite nice across central florida for the afternoon and now tonight. live radar rain-free. just a cloud or two around. that will change tomorrow. some showers will be in the forecast. for tonight, the lows, 53 in melbourne, 51 in titusville. 43 leaseville. brooksville, 32. 35 in gainesville. 47 in daytona. frost no. 49 now in clermont. 55 in daytona. still pretty good. dry air in the blue out to the west. more moisture in the air as you go from kissimmee back over towards melbourne. that will keep the temperatures up a little bit on the east side of town. downtown, 50 degrees. northwesterly wind at 11 miles 61, that was the high temperature for today. that was it.
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should be 73. so we're starting to bump it up. we bottom out at 71 to 72. now we're back up to 73. here it comes. summer. 90s. no, it's a ways off. clouds and a few showers for tomorrow. back to sunshine on sunday. cool weather will settle in and it's going to settle in and stay with us all weeks. 65 in miami. tallahassee. satellite pictures show some of the low level clouds moving ashore near the coastline. right down here an area of low pressure is taking shape near the florida keys. that low will eventually throw that chance for rain showers right over us, as we go through the afternoon. here's the computer model showing a few little light showers popping up in the afternoon. the morning will be fine but then through the afternoon and evening, a few little showers, especially from orlando back over to the coastline. brevard county for the most part, you will be picking up the bulk of any showers that will be developing. and there will be some.
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though, is around 30 to 40%. only 20% out west. on sunday afternoon, breeze will be out of the northwest. and bob will be cheering. maybe. we'll see. 49 degrees expected for tonight. high temperature for tomorrow up to 70. a few little showers later on in the day. and my seven-day forecast, what is it going to call for? more cool weather. here it comes. 70 for tomorrow. 65 on monday. we'll bump it up a little bit but then another cold front comes through and, bob, that means chilly weather. and we'll see how you are. are you crying or are you happy on monday? >> bob: i will be happy either way on monday. the orlando magic hosting the l.a. clippers at the amway tonight much. magic never led and gave up at least 107 points for the eighth straight game.
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security tighter than ever for this sunday's super bowl. that's what glenn was talking about. it's been three years in the planning, and involves more than 4,000 people from local police, bomb squads, federal agencies, delivery trucks, dogs entering levi stadium. the fbi says they will be applying lessons learned from november's terrorist attacks in paris where suicide bombers targeted france's national soccer stadium. >> we're looking for anything that can do harm, anything that would disrupt the super bowl or the people attending. >> bob: law enforcement says that they have not received any specific credible threat to the big game. and uber scare for the daughter of the well-known
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ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke,, ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. ` >> bob: a man gets arrested after crashing his drone into the empire state building. he was filming with the drone when it hit the 40th floor of the skyscraper. after it fell, security guards picked it up. he was asked for his drone -- he asked for his drone back but he got handcuffed instead and he's charged with reckless endangerment and navigation. trending tonight, some of the stories that are hot right now if you're online, a big scare for the daughter of filmmaker kevin smith. his daughter says that she was
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were posing as uber drivers. she says she was outside as los angeles starbucks waiting for her ride when the men drove up and claimed that they were the ride. she refused to get into the car after asking the men who they were and who they were there to pick up. they wouldn't answer. smith is known for his films, her father, clicks -- clerks and mall rats. >> 19 kids and counting is apparently heading back to tlc. it was pulled months ago. there's a 107-year-old man who passed away and he attributed his long life to red wine. the man was from spain. he said that he would drink two bottles of red line with lunch and another two with dinner. between him and his son, he and
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about nearly 53 gallons of red okay.
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check of your forecast when we >> glenn: just a few clouds for the overnight. temperatures on the chilly side, down into the 40s for tonight. tomorrow we're going to warm it back up to about 70 but there will also be a few showers around, especially on the east side of town. then as we get into sunday, cool weather settles in. looking at temperatures in the 50s. there is a threat next week for a frost and/or a freeze as we
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wednesday morning. so that will be the coldest period there with highs only in the 50s. right now if we do in fact get a freeze, we'll be primarily, it looks like, up to the north and west of orlando in sumter county and lake county. officially, no freeze at the airport as of yet for this year, but that's not too surprising, but again a chilly forecast for the next seven days. >> bob: i did check the forecast for santa clara, about 70, 10 degrees warmer than the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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